Managing Your Money Successfully Fresh Out Of College

Graduating from college is one of life’s most affirming experiences that signifies your true transition to adulthood. No longer can you get away with borrowing cash from your parents and you need to consider getting your very first graduate job. The worries of entering the job market, renting a home and paying the bills can lead to debt. However, if you consider your finances from an early stage and put in place ways of managing your money successfully from the get-go, you can ease your monetary stresses. Follow this guide and be a financial success fresh out of college.


Get into a great budgeting habit straight away and you can be set up for life. Think about trusting a spreadsheet with your income and expenditure. List everything that you earn and that you spend. This way, you can calculate a basic profit and loss sheet. You’ll quickly spot those savings that you can make each week. Do you really need to buy a subscription to an expensive glossy magazine every month, or leave the lights on all the time without thinking? Any savings that you make, with prepaid lights, for instance, can be put into a savings account to earn interest. Saving for a rainy day is vital in case your car breaks down, you need to fork out for a roof repair or you need to do some home renovations.

Making Money

If you are fortunate enough to accrue some savings and you want to explore more lucrative investments, consider getting on the property ladder straight away. You don’t need to live in the pad that you buy and you can rent it out instead. If you enjoy vacationing, a vacation rental could be the perfect investment. By looking at vacation home loans for investors, you could recoup cash on a great asset every week in the peak season while having your own bolthole to escape to in the less popular months. Making money from property requires you to commit to a home loan of some sort. You need to show that you are a responsible borrower so stay in the black and don’t be tempted to purchase a big ticket item just before you apply for a home loan.


If you are in debt when you graduate from college, don’t assume that this means you will be shackled to credit cards for the rest of your life. Instead, go about clearing the debt before it gets out of hand. Investigate credit cards that offer zero per cent interest on balance transfers. This way, you can pay back the capital that you owe meaning that you will pay back the debt faster. If your debts can be mind boggling at times, you could consider a personal loan that means you consolidate your debts into one monthly repayment. This can be much easier to manage and keep track of. This is necessary if you aren’t the most financially astute individual.

Clearing your debts can seem like a steep mountain to climb. However long it takes, by starting now, you won’t have to worry about money worries causing your stress in the future.

Follow this simple guide and manage your money successfully fresh out of college. 

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