Millennial Investing in the Digital Age: Apps, Cryptocurrencies, and More

One of the most important things I’ve learned in life regarding finances is that investing is something you need to do if you plan on being financially successful.

As college grads and Millennials, we are so lucky to have amazing investment opportunities right in front of us that can make huge financial gains, instead of having our money sitting in a bank account making next to nothing from a tiny interest rate on a savings accounts (or housing it in your home under your mattress making nothing)!

With the rise of technology has come new investment opportunities that weren’t available before. Let’s learn how easy and how amazing the investments of today really are!

#Investing can be a difficult subject to grasp, but it's something new college grads and Millennials should understand. With the growing options the tech world is giving us for investing money, this post dives into some new options you may not be familiar with!

Investing on the Go

First, we are going to start with a great concept that has become very popular with both companies and investors. There are now many companies that offer app-based investments that connect with your phone and bank account!

Apps like Acorns (our recommended app of this type) and Coinseed (new app that’s focused on cryptocurrencies, which will be discussed in more detail later) take change and round it up to the next whole dollar when you purchase something.

They then invest that extra money into the stock market or additional investments, like cryptocurrencies, that is managed by top experts, making it a very simple investment on the go that has the potential for great returns on investment (or ROI). Our recommended apps above have this feature, and many more, and they’ve produced the best ROI out of many that I’ve tried.

Huge Gains from Investment in Cryptocurrencies

Next, there are cryptocurrencies, which have become a once in a lifetime investment that continues to grow.

Cryptocurrencies have become a huge financial market, and have grown very quickly! This new type of currency is digital and is trying to solve many problems that flat currencies have, and is doing a good job of it so far!

If you haven’t already, you need to checkout Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies through an exchange like Coinbase, and start educating yourself using news sites like Coindesk. Crypto looks to be here to stay as a currency, and looking into it is something that you definitely should think about if you want to stay up on the latest and greatest technology and investments in today’s age! Explore different ways of buying cryptocurrencies. For example, on you can buy bitcoin with PayPal, credit cards, and cash deposits to name a few.

Invest in Yourself!

Finally, and quite possibly the best investment for the New Age Millennial, is investing in yourself! In today’s world, investing in your education or your ideas can turn out to be by far the best investment.

It has become much easier to access information and to start your own business, or turn your idea into reality. If you believe in yourself and want to invest in yourself, you could see life changing returns.

There are now many ways to get investment money as well if you need it to get your idea off the ground. For example, there are services now that can get you your tax refund in as quickly as the next day (see Tax Refund Loans). Investing your tax refund in yourself is a great way to use that money!

In today’s age of information and technology, it has become very simple to get into amazing investments that offer big returns. So for people that are constantly on the go and have no time to work on investing, you have amazing options now, and thus there is no excuse to not invest!

Guest Author Bio:

Adam Davis is a financial blogger and freelance writer based in Southern California. With a finance degree from Indiana University, you can find additional financial help and education from his blog, Bad Credit Lifeline!

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    June 21, 2019 at 6:18 am

    The real reason young people are enticed by cryptocurrency is the technology that runs these assets. The millennials who attend universities are always open to know about the new technologies for developing new and better opportunities. The digital currency exists online and uses cryptography, blockchain technology and computer networks to track the value and ownership. Those interested in trading in digital assets do so through an exchange.