Wedding Wardrobe Woes? Let ModCloth Wedding Styles Help

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If you are trying to figure out your wedding day wardrobe for not just yourself, but for your bridesmaids as well, then you need to check out ModCloth’s wedding styles!

Before I started planning my wedding last month, I didn’t really consider alternative options to the more well-known bridal stores like David’s Bridal, Alfred Angelo, and so on. Although I found my perfect dress at a nice little boutique in my area, I knew I needed to check ModCloth for my bridesmaids dresses.

Ladies, I couldn’t be more happier that I took a peek.

In ModCloth’s wedding styles collection, there are over 700 items listed! That’s right, 700! From accessories to dresses, you can find pretty much anything you’ll need to complete your wedding day wardrobe. As much as I would love to list all of my favorites, I’ve decided that would be a little too overwhelming. Instead, I’m going to list three items here and hope that you’ll check out the rest for yourself!

P.S. Items tend to sell out quickly so make sure you don’t wait to order if you find an item you love!

ModCloth Wedding Styles: Some of My Favorites

1. Moxie Must-Have Dress in Black

Moxie Must-Have Dress in Black
This simple yet beautiful dress has just enough detail to make your bridesmaids stand out. I know that some brides would rather not have black as one of their wedding colors, but fear not! ModCloth has been gracious enough to offer it in red as well.

One of the biggest reasons I recommend this dress is because it is super versatile, budget-friendly (like $59.99 friendly), and it can easily be worn after the wedding.

If you want to make your bridesmaids pop out a little more, add some cute accessories or bright shoes. The options are endless with a dress like this!

2. Gleam a Little Gleam Dress

Gleam a Little Gleam Dress
For the long dress lovers out there, this one shoulder navy dress from ModCloth’s wedding styles collection is a great choice! The little splash of bling is just enough to make this dress a head-turner.

One shoulder bridesmaids dresses are very fashionable and are becoming a popular choice for many bridal parties, so why not get something unique to make your pictures stand out from the rest?

By the way, the cinching will help accentuate all body types in all the right ways!

3. All Fleur You Heel in White

All Fleur You Heel in White
I would feel like a complete wedding heathen if I didn’t include at least something white in this post! Lol.

Ladies, I’m going to be completely honest with you… I am not a heel wearer. They always make my toes hurt or I seriously feel like I’m going to fall over in them, so I just try to avoid them whenever possible. But the truth is that there are SO many cute heels out there so I’m just going to live vicariously through anyone who can actually wear them, ok? 🙂

I chose these white heels because they would go great with your wedding dress! I love the cute flower detail that is dainty enough but also a fashion statement in itself.

So Much More to Choose From!

As I said before, ModCloth’s wedding styles collection contains over 700 items to choose from! I love how affordable and fun each item is. These are things that you definitely wouldn’t normally see in stores!

If you are looking to get your wedding wardrobe in order, give ModCloth a shot! I did and I’m so happy!

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