ModCloth’s Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Items the Women on Your List Will Love

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Did you know that as of today, there are only 43 days left until Christmas?! I know, it’s crazy!

That means you have six weeks to get all of your holiday shopping done!

Stressed? Don’t be! ModCloth did the hard work for you and created a holiday gift guide for everyone on your list (including guys).

There were so many items to choose from, but I wanted to feature my top three favorite gifts to get women for Christmas so that you had some inspiration to get started with the rest of your holiday shopping.

1. Winterberry Tart Coat in Burgundy

Winterberry Tart Coat in Burgundy
This Winterberry Tart Coat from ModCloth is absolutely stunning!

The entire country is going to experience the harsh winter weather soon enough (shout out to Minnesota and some of the Northern states for getting over a foot of snow), so it’s important to have a warm winter coat on hand.

Personally, I can’t stand being cold, but I also hate having to wear bulky sweaters and jackets that have no style to them whatsoever.

I’m really glad that times have changed and that more companies are making an effort to provide stylish winter clothing items that are also durable (there is nothing worse than buying a coat and then having it fall apart after one season).

I chose this particular Winterberry Tart Coat as my first holiday gift recommendation for women because it offers the style and coziness that should come with a winter coat. You’ll notice that the buttons slant up the front just a bit – different from the typical straight up and down pattern you normally see.

One of my favorite hidden features of this winter coat is that it has pockets!

I especially like this feature because it offers a place for the woman in your life to stow her mittens or gloves on those extra cold days (for me – that’s any day below 50 degrees).

Did I mention that there are tons of great sweaters to go along with this stylish piece?

2. All Eyes on Me Scarf

All Eyes on Me Scarf
Worried about buying the wrong sized clothing gift for the women on your holiday shopping list?

Have no fear – this awesome scarf is here!

I’ll be honest and say that I was never a big fan of scarves when I was growing up. I used to think that they would make me feel constricted, but all that changed once I grew out of the invincible stage we all go through as kids when you think that the cold will never tickle your bones.

Guess what – I totally reached that level and now I appreciate all the warm winter clothing I can get!

I chose this particular scarf off of the ModCloth holiday guide because it can be worn year round.

I know what you’re thinking – why would anyone want to wear a scarf in the summer?

Well, the great thing about this particular scarf is that it is light enough to be used as just an add on accessory piece (as noted by several reviewers of this exact product), or it can be looped so that it has a few layers to it, adding that bit of extra warmth needed during the colder months.

On top of all that, this scarf has a great neutral base to it with just a pop of blue color, making it easy to pair with a variety of colors and outfit choices.

3. Strut the Strut Bootie in Charcoal

Strut the Strut Bootie in Charcoal
Pardon me while I go sing “You Had Me at Hello” after setting my eyes on these cute booties!

Y’all don’t even know how much of a struggle I went through to choose three items to feature in this post, but when I came across these, I absolutely HAD to show them to you guys.

I never considered myself a girly girl growing up, but I can appreciate a cute pair of boots now, and ankle boots are all the rave these days.

The charcoal color that is shown in the picture above is perfect for matching with all types of colors and patterns, and the style of the boot is great for all those skinny jeans that are piled in your closet just waiting to be flaunted (or in the woman’s closet you’re shopping for).

I do have to say that my favorite feature of these boots are the bows on each of them – how cute are they?!?!

I can honestly say that I have yet to see a boot in an actual brick and mortar store that has bows like this, so trust me when I say that this set of booties is a great find.

Still not sure of what to get? ModCloth has plenty of other gifts to choose from! 

If you need some more inspiration or just want more options, make sure you check out ModCloth’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. I wouldn’t have featured them if I didn’t love their products, so I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you check them out!

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