Navigating The World of Locum Tenens: An Overview For Surgeons

Surgeons may wish to branch out and try new things. They don’t want to leave the field but they also might want to apply their skills in a new place, bring in more money, or simply check out other career paths. One way to do so is by working in locum tenens.

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Temp Workers

When a person thinks about locum tenens work, they may think of organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. These medical workers are filling a need in other countries. However, parts of America are also in dire need of skilled surgeons. At one time, locum tenens providers were used to fill medically underserved parts of the country. Today, they may work in major cities or small towns, anywhere this is an open position that needs to be filled.

Surgeons like that they have flexibility when they take on locum tenens work. They gain more control over their personal and professional lives. A surgeon can take off work for a few months and stay home with their new baby or travel the world with their spouse once all the children leave home. It’s all a matter of what works for them.

Open to All

A person might think they need years of experience before they can take on a locum tenens position. New graduates are eligible for many positions and may use these positions as an opportunity to try different parts of the world before deciding where to settle permanently. While doing so, they can refine their skills and pay off their student debt.

Surgeons who have been practicing for a while might find they wish to try something new. It might be they need more money coming in or they are thinking of switching careers. They can transition out of their current job and into a new one by taking in locum tenens positions until they are on solid financial ground again.

Men and women who are nearing the end of their careers may choose to transition out of their current roles and take on locum tenens work until they are ready to retire completely. They love the flexibility of the work and enjoy being able to contribute in a meaningful way as they make this major life transition.

Finding the Right Position

Several factors should be considered when picking a locum tenens assignment. Location and pay are two factors that can never be overlooked. Nevertheless, also learn about the patient load and case mix. Determine how long the assignment will continue and discuss why the facility is in need of a locum tenens provider. It may be something fairly straightforward, such as a provider taking a sabbatical. On the other hand, the facility might struggle to keep providers, and the surgeon needs to know this before accepting the assignment.

A Permanent Home

No doctor wants to join a practice only to learn it is not a good fit for them. By taking on locum tenens work at the practice, they can spend time exploring the opportunity and see if they wish to make it a permanent thing. The same holds for the other providers in the practice. This trial run is of great benefit in ensuring the right person is selected for an open position.

Don’t overlook locum tenens work when you are looking for a change. Surgeons remain in high demand today, so you will find there are plenty of job opportunities to explore. Taking on a locum tenens work is an excellent way to explore different facilities to find one that you will enjoy calling home for the short or long term.

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