Need to Find Email Addresses? Here is How!

Email Marketing is known to be one of the most effective ways to make your potential clients aware of your services. Whether or not these clients are regulars at your brand a persistent remarketing strategy can go a long way in polarizing clients who have some shown interest in your services.

Leave alone a business approach; at times you might require the email or other contact details of a said person just to be able to approach them formally! Here are a few ways you can find an email:

Social Media

One of the most obvious ways to stumble upon a desired email address is through genuine social media handles. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram offers options to set up email ids that people can use to approach you. Especially when it comes to businesses and brands looking to collaborate, finding their email and other contact information from social media handles is relatively easy.

If you are looking to contact independent artists or influencers it’s actually pretty easy to find an email link on their Facebook pages. For more a formal take, LinkedIn is a hub where emails of business persons and other professionals can be easily spotted in their description section. The only drawback of relying on social media is seen where certain emails aren’t disclosed for public access or the contact if less popular professionals and pages is required.

Lead Generation Marketing

If you want to bank a range of emails that too of interested people then a targeted lead generation campaign can do the thing! Just craft a campaign to collect names and emails through a simple form that opens up when interested individuals click on your ads. A digital marketing agency or marketer can generate a campaign for you. You can even try to create one for yourself with a little bit of research online!

This is one of the most effective ways to get an access to emails for business and remarketing purposes. While lead generation and picking up contacts from social media spots might seem easy, these are still methods where redundant details might often be found and collected.


Nuwber is a one stop channel to find to find phone numbers, addresses, police records, lawsuits and other authentic details for anyone you want to look up. Simple enter the name, phone number or address; any of these details that are known to search other details.

Here is a simple yet sophisticated way to get to know more about anyone you want with just a click! This is also effective for scavenging the emails of even those that aren’t popular on social media platforms. Browse through a number of locations to found information on an old friend or perhaps someone you lost touch with. Find both personal and professional contacts at the click of a finger.


These are some methods you can use to find an email address. Have a better approach? What is it that you have been relying on to get a hold of an email id? Try out these methods based on what suits your requirement. Why hunt emails now when there are better ways of finding one!


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