What Makes A Good Ring?

How into fashion are you? Wearing a new thing every single day? Got a few favorites in your wardrobe that have never let you down? Or maybe you just throw on something comfortable and similarly colored and you’re off? No matter how you dress, we all love to pair up with a few accessories, but rings are the hardest ones to really pull off.

A good ring means something different to every single person interested in wearing them. It’s all based on size, shape, carat, and the overall look when paired with your outfits and other accessories. But, if you’re new to mixing up your accessories, and you want to be sure you’re purchasing the right ring for you, make sure you keep the tips below in mind.

Know Your Metals

Most people pay attention to the gem or the stone that’s been fitted into the ring, but you need to pay just as much attention to the metal it’s made out of as well. A lot of people prefer the simple gold and silver, but your choices don’t end there! Shop around a little, and don’t be afraid to customise.

Some metals are a lot stronger than others, and some a lot rarer, and the price can fluctuate based on how the metals have been colored as well. Gold alone can come in a variety of different colors, such as white, yellow, and rose, and all three are very popular for making rings out of. But don’t be afraid to get titanium, or if the budget is big, some platinum.

Know Your Size

The next thing to know is the size of ring that fits onto your finger. Most people don’t know their ring size off by heart, and need to get their fingers professionally measured. However, you need to be sure this is done properly, and not just guesstimated from a picture online.  Hey, you don’t want to be buying an amazing and quality ring from places online like https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/, only to find it won’t slip easily onto your finger when it arrives!

Rings should set well, and a little tight on your finger, but they shouldn’t be painful to wear, or make your finger turn a funny color when you’ve had it on all day. Don’t worry, the jewelry store you’re shopping with (or the bit of string you have at home) should be able to measure your fingers just fine.

Know It’s Certified

And finally, you’re going to want to be sure that the ring you’re investing in is certified. It’s very important not to waste your money on an inflated gem. So, whatever gem or stone is fitted in the ring needs to come with a seal of approval. But how do you tell if a ring is certified? You can read a little guide about what to look for right here.

A good ring is something that fits right, looks good, and doesn’t blow the budget!

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