Online Education: Seven Tips To Stay On Track

Online education seems more convenient than its offline counterpart. You can upskill in the ease of your own home and avoid the exhausting commute to campus. Because of the pandemic, online education has gained even more popularity in recent years since students needed an alternative to continuing their studies. Moreover, professionals also prefer the digital route to upskill. It allows them to learn at their own pace while managing their employment.

Even though online learning is an excellent option for students and professionals alike, it can still be challenging to stay on track and focus on the coursework. If you can relate to this, we’ve listed a few tips below to help you stay on track and complete your program in the desired time.

  • Have a designated study space

With online learning, you can take your classes anywhere, be it your room or an office. However, this may lead to you being distracted and underperforming. Therefore, it is essential to designate a separate area to focus on. This can be a comfy corner in your home or a quiet place at work. Ensure there aren’t too many distractions around you. If it gets noisy, you can always go to a library and study in peace.

  • Take it seriously

Flexible routines can lead to a non-serious attitude. Whether you opt for an online masters degree or an undergrad-level course, it is essential to maintain the same amount of discipline. Disciplining yourself while learning online is necessary to get work done. Treat the process as you would treat an actual on-campus education by implementing deadlines.

  • Don’t let things stack up

When you have the option to study at your own pace, it’s easy just to let your work pile up until the eleventh hour. Online learning helps you finish your education quickly, and with that, it means if you miss a day’s or more of work, it will be pretty challenging to catch up. When things pile up, it will make it harder to focus on future goals. So, make a note not to put off doing your tasks. If you miss a day’s work, try to complete it as soon as possible.

  • Avoid any distractions

Let’s face it; the biggest distraction is social media. From binge-watching Netflix, scrolling through Instagram, or sending snaps, these disturbances can affect your ability to focus and be attentive. The best way to keep yourself focused is to avoid using your phone during designated study hours. You can keep it away from you or put it on DND-mode. If you still find yourself reaching for your device to check messages, consider installing apps to restrict access. Website blockers will block any sites you feel are distracting you from your goal.

  • Practice self-accountability

While taking online education, you may not always be accountable to your instructor in the same manner as a typical offline classroom. Instead, you are responsible for accomplishing your tasks by yourself. You must keep yourself in check to complete your assignments. Set goals for yourself at the start of your course, and be sure to check in with them from time to time. Set reminders on your phone to keep yourself notified of upcoming deadlines. If you are unable to manage, ask a friend or co-worker to remind you.

  • Create a study routine for yourself

When you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, you must create a well-planned routine to follow. Having a routine will help you better manage your time between academic and personal/professional commitments. You will be even more productive when you have specific times allotted to take lectures and work on assignments. A great way to create a routine is to use daily planners to write down all your daily tasks. You can even use online planners like Google Calendar to schedule tasks and map out your entire day.

  • Reward yourself

You may feel a lack of competitiveness and recognition when studying by yourself. This feeling can also demotivate you at times. Therefore, try rewarding yourself for completing your tasks and sticking to your goals. Giving yourself a little pick-me-up will help increase productivity. A reward can be anything that brings you joy and fulfillment. It can be a treat that you love, like a nice cup of coffee, some chocolates, watching a movie, or even going out for a walk.


Online education is a convenient option to acquire new skills and know-how. But the flexibility this method provides may make it difficult to focus. Whether it is finding time to take lectures or building up the energy to work on tasks, you need to organize yourself. This article mentions a few tips to help you buck up. With the help of technology and creative planning, you can establish a routine and stick to it. We suggest using your smartphone more in more productive ways to help you stay focused.

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