Personal Injury – What Can I Include In My Claim?

If you have suffered an injury of any kind that was not your fault, you may have heard that you could be entitled to personal injury compensation. But what exactly is included in your claim? Could you, let’s say, claim for any damage to your clothing? As it turns out, the answer is that any undue damage to your clothing or personal belongings that occurred as a result of the incident in which you were injured may indeed form part of your claim. Let’s find out some of the other things, which depending on your circumstances, could be included in your case for compensation.

Medical expenses (including travel)

This is perhaps the foremost reason that it is always important to speak to a lawyer if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault (see this personal injury law firm with offices in Fort Lee for more details). Your medical expenses could include anything from surgery and physiotherapy costs to simple prescription drugs (and everything in between). The important thing to remember is that any expense that has derived from your non-fault injury should not be paid by you – including the expense of travelling to and from medical appointments.

Pain and suffering

This is separate to medical expenses. Your pain and suffering will be evaluated in different ways depending on your circumstances. For example, if you are a single parent working two jobs, your injury may have brought significant disruption and anguish into your life, especially where you have been left with bodily pain. The severity of your injury matters, too, and will also be looked at when calculating your claim.

Current and future loss of earnings

Injuries typically mean that you are unable to work. Where your personal injury has resulted in a loss of earnings (which can be calculated by looking at your earnings to date), the total amount that you have lost will be included in your claim. Where your injury means that you are unable to return to work during any rehabilitation or treatment, further calculations for future loss of earnings may also be included in your claim.

Home renovations and care/rehabilitation equipment

This type of compensation only really comes into play with catastrophic injuries, whereby loss of limb function or some other physical impairment results in the need to modify your home for access (and potentially introduce care / rehab equipment). In all scenarios, your claim can be calculated to cover the costs of returning you to as close to an independent lifestyle as you were able to enjoy prior to your personal injury.

Help from family or friends

If you underwent a period of necessary support from family and friends due to your injury, such as home help or help with rent, the cost of this support can be calculated and included in your claim. Remember, the people who assist you during your recovery are also entitled to be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses that resulted from your injury.

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