Phrases Most Women Love To Hear From Their Man 

What do women want to hear in everyday life from men? Many men don’t know how to express their thoughts in words. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know what men are thinking. But he who knows how to speak beautifully, wins. A lot is not required, here’s one phrase: “I’ve been looking for you all my life!”. Check out these others, do you agree?

You are very beautiful” 

And then appreciate her hair, personality and beautiful eyes. Focus on those traits that a woman likes in herself. 

“I miss you” 

Yes, it sounds corny. Why talk about it out loud? Women just need to know this. It is important to hear that you are as sad without her as she is without you. This phrase is very inspiring, especially when it comes from the heart. 

“I will help” 

Be a hero to her. She may be shy pestering with requests once again, so get ahead of her by offering help yourself. There will be no limit to her admiration.  

“I’m happy when you’re with me” 

Awareness of significance brings a lot of positive emotions. These words mean a lot. 

“Be my wife” 

Many people love to hear this from a loved one. It means that you don’t look for single ladies to chat anymore but choose her. 

I can’t stop thinking about you 

You don’t have to say that you love her or miss her 5 times a day. This capacious short phrase is more than enough. You can say it another way: “Look what you did to me! I just can’t stop thinking about you!”  

You make me feel like a man 

Does she make you feel like that? Tell her about it! Make her feel that she is doing an excellent job being your partner.

“I’m so lucky (that are you in my life) 

You can’t even imagine how nice it is to hear these words from the person you love. This is a great way to show how much she means to you and make her feel very special. 

I am really happy with you 

Your girlfriend should know that you are happy with her. Speak these words more often. 

You look amazing” 

These words can be replaced by many others. So, you let her know that you like the way she looks. She will become more confident. 

Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you” 

Don’t just tell words but make surprises for your soulmateAt least sometimes. 

I’ve been thinking about you all day long” 

So you make it clear what you think and worry about her when you are not together. 

You are the best 

Going somewhere, the beautiful half of humanity does makeup, dresses up, and does hair, first of all, for other women. They are in eternal competition with each other. When a man says that his chosen one is the best, he makes it clear that his beloved surpasses all the women he knows. 

“It is so delicious 

Who doesn’t love a home cooked meal? Does your lady love to surprise her loved one with another culinary masterpiece? Psychologists advise praising dishes prepared by your partner. So she understands that you appreciate her. 

I will solve this 

Women appreciate men who are able to make decisions independently and take responsibility. A woman should feel that she is not mistaken with the choice and can rely on her partner.

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