Steps to Take If You Want to Become a Surrogate

Surrogacy is a great experience for the surrogate mother and the parents involved. Couples that pick this route usually have issues with fertility or may be medically unable to carry a child. The parents may also have a genetic defect or health condition that they don’t want to pass on to their offspring, so there is a possibility of using sperm or frozen egg donors.

Gestational surrogacy is also a good option for homosexual couples. Let’s look at the steps you should take if you want to become a surrogate.

Make Sure Surrogacy is Suitable for You

The first thing you should do is to consider whether USA surrogacy would be suitable for you. Lots of people report a positive and rewarding experience as surrogates, but you should note that it can be a long and emotional journey.

As a surrogate, you will have to commit to another family for a year or longer and will need to undergo a medical and psychological evaluation. You also have to deal with all the complications of pregnancy and labor. You would also have to plan how you will get back to work once the baby is born.

Surrogacy agencies or attorneys can help you determine whether the experience would be suitable for you.

Make the Necessary Preparations

You then have to prepare for surrogacy, and this involves working with a specialist. At this point, you will figure out the kind of relationship you would want to have with the parents and your goals throughout the process.

Another thing to prepare yourself for is changing your lifestyle so that you are healthy for the pregnancy.

You may need to quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, and stop taking certain medications like Tylenol. Tylenol has been linked to autism in some cases, so it is best to avoid taking this medication during pregnancy. If you want to learn more about these cases, contact

You will also have to get advice from a doctor on what kind of exercise and diet you should stick to throughout the process. Examples of exercise and diet that are suitable for pregnant women include yoga, swimming, and consuming healthy foods.

All these preparations are essential for ensuring that both you and the baby remain healthy throughout the gestational period.

Find the Right Match

Finding the right match for surrogacy can be exciting. The agency will have to create a plan and profile that will be shown to the intended parents. If you fit the profile of any of the available parents, the agency will show you the profile of the parents so that you determine whether there is any interest in the partnership.

Sign the Legal Contract

Once you match with the parents, you will have to sign a legal contract, and each party must have its attorney present for this procedure. It is important to approach this step carefully as it will limit disputes and miscommunication while protecting everyone involved in the process. This includes the baby.

The surrogacy contract should cover the financial aspects of the procedure, including the base compensation and additional compensation for carrying multiples and bed rest.

You also need to have an agreement on sensitive issues like selective reduction or termination, as well as the people who will be present at birth or prenatal appointments.

Start the Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Procedure

The fertilization and embryo transfer procedure will be done in a fertility clinic. When the baby’s heartbeat is heard, the surrogate will start to receive payments and prenatal care. The couple will usually join the surrogate mother for the birth of the baby.


Becoming a surrogate mother can be rewarding as you will give the selfless gift of parenthood to someone who couldn’t do it on their own. You can follow the steps outlined above for the perfect surrogacy experience.

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