The History of Nursing (Infographic)

History is important to look back on because it can be a reminder of the struggles and movements that have been made to change our world for the better. That history can cover a whole range of life-altering events, and they are all relevant to the progress we’ve made. Nursing is one of those roles that we all look at as being a caregiver. Not only do they treat people medically, but their presence is somewhat of a comfort to anyone that needs it when they find themselves in a medical situation.

From the 1800s to the present day, there have been many pioneers who we can thank for the healthcare services that we are fortunate to have in today’s world. It can often be something that we take for granted too, and so history can be a reminder for us to be grateful for what we have and what we’ve achieved over the years. Celebrating over 170 years of nursing, Marymount University Nursing has published an infographic that celebrates the incredible individuals in our history. From key influential figures to those years that were significant to recognize when it came to nursing, this infographic has it all.

From Mary Ann Bickerdyke who served as a nurse of the American Civil War and solely took care responsibility of over 2,000 soldiers, to Mary Mahoney who became the first black registered nurse in the US. It’s important to continue to encourage and respect those who choose to go into a nursing career, so read on!

Infographic Design By Marymount University Nursing

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