Tips When Going Shopping For Your Engagement Ring

Being able to shop for your engagement ring is exciting, and whether you’ve decided to pick one out together or both have had conversations about getting engaged soon, there are some handy tips to consider when it comes to shopping for your engagement ring.

Know Your Ring Size

It’s important to start off with the basics when it comes to shopping for a ring. Before you go looking for one, you first need to find out your ring size. Everyone is going to be slightly different in their ring sizes, and the size of your ring finger can also change. You can determine your ring size at Before you go looking for one, you first need to find out your ring size. Everyone is going to be slightly different in their ring sizes, and the size of your ring finger can also change. This is worth noting for when you come around to shopping for your engagement ring. Whenever you go into a new ring store, always get your ring size checked first because there may also be a few differences between the store you started out at and the one you’ve just walked into.

Find Something That Reflects Your Personality

You’re going to want to find a ring that reflects you and your personality. Sure you could find something that’s the most popular in-store or something that’s brand new in that jewelers season of rings, but really you want something that fits you. You may have an idea in your head of what you want, and for many people, an engagement ring is something that they think about for quite some time and usually in lots of detail. However, it’s best to go into it with an open mind. You’re shopping with your partner, so make sure they have an input on what’s suiting you and what isn’t. You may want to approach the ring search by choosing stones that mean something to you or perhaps may even be your birthstone. These little touches can make the ring that extra bit special, and that’s more important than choosing something that is like every other ring. Tacori engagement rings are timeless, for example, but they have something very unique in the way they appear and stand out.

Think About The Price

Price is obviously a big factor when it comes to an engagement ring. It’s a good idea to consult with your partner first on how much they are willing to spend. Your idea of price, after all, maybe completely different from theirs and what they can afford. So before you walk into a store, it’s good to have this discussion beforehand, that way you can go in with the figure in mind and that’s something you can communicate with the jeweler so that they can avoid pulling out rings that are way out of your budget but yet you may come attached to it because you didn’t an ideal price range. Do set a limit when it comes to your budget though, because as much as it’s an important piece of jewelry, you don’t want to be spending thousands and thousands on something that may end up putting your partner in debt for a while. That might also throw a spanner in the works in relation to your planning of the wedding. It’s a costly affair as it is, so be wary with your finances.

Consider Your Engagement Ring Style

There are many engagement ring styles available to choose from, and so it’s a good idea to clue yourself up on the different shapes and stones that are used when designing engagement rings. From square cut to teardrop, you want to ensure you have an idea in mind as to which one is to your tastes. Try different colored stones too because adding a pop of color might be something you never knew you wanted. A lot of vintage rings had colored stones, and since everything has gone to plain silver or white gold, it might be worth throwing it back to the more vintage pieces.

Shop Around For Options

There are plenty of jewelers and stores around both online and in-store. With engagement rings, it’s always best to go to a store and to try them on. This isn’t a pair of shoes that you simply return because they’re too big. This is going to likely be a pricey purchase so always opt for the in-store trying on. Shop around before picking out one that you want to buy as you may find a more affordable version elsewhere.

Enjoy the process and excitement of shopping for an engagement ring as its something you’ll remember for the rest of your life and one you’ll look back on every time you look down at your ring!

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