How To Smash Online Dating

Aah, online dating. Whether you’re a right-swiper or you prefer to avoid the dark corridors of the online dating world, there’s no denying that it’s a huge part of 21st century romance. However, knowing how to get it right can be pretty difficult, especially when you really don’t want to get to your date location only to find that you’ve been catfished. Climbing out of a toilet window isn’t really a good look, is it? We’ve noted down the main things to remember about online dating for those looking for love.

Take things with a pinch of salt

OK, so somebody that you meet at a bar could be telling you fictitious things about their lives. However, a person from a dating app has a whole different platform from which to fabricate who they are, so make sure that you tread with caution. Don’t believe everything that they say to you straight away, and if they tell you that they are a multi-millionaire popstar astronaut then, well, take heed and get out of there.

Meet in a public place

Due to the fact that you don’t know this person and they could be a random 60-year-old man or woman (sorry), it’s a good idea to meet them in a public place. If they’re a catfish, they’re not what you expected, or they’re just a bit weird, then you can make up an excuse and get out of there without it being too awkward. It’s in the interests of your safety to make sure that you’re in a public place, too.

Pick the right dating site for you

There are so many dating sites out there now that it can be pretty hard to know which one to choose. From Muslim dating to Grindr, there are a range of apps and websites with a range of purposes and, you guessed it, people. Some apps are more known for casual hookups, and others are for those who are looking to commit and develop a more serious relationship. Look into your options, and choose the one for you!

Look at their social media profiles

As any millennial will know, you never go on a date with somebody without checking out their social media profiles first. First of all, this allows you to see that they’re real – i.e. that they have real, genuine friends who comment on their posts and interact with their profiles – and secondly, it’s just a good way to see whether you do actually want to date them. Take it from us, a (small) Instagram stalk is a must.

Have fun

OK, so we’re not just trying to convince you that it’s 100% likely that the person you’ll be dating is terrifying, old(er than you thought), and not the person that you were hoping was going to sweep you off your feet. There are people out there on dating sites that are amazing, and you do need to take that chance sometimes and go out there and meet them. Be safe, but more importantly, make sure that you have fun!

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