Top College Costs in Addition to Housing and Tuition 

Since most colleges and universities have moved to the virtual world, a college student’s budget doesn’t look the same anymore. Due to the spread of the new health situation, many undergrads have to include more expenses in the list. In addition to housing costs and college tuition, you have to pay for more items that will help you study online and on campus.

Techs and Electronics

It’s not a secret that technology and electronics are among the most expensive items that college and university students should have. As we’ve already said, most college classes have moved online, which means high-quality techs are a must-have at the moment. 90% of your academic routine is now focused on a virtual world, which means you need to make sure your items work well and the internet connection is stable.

Medical Expenses

Experts say that families where at least one parent has insurance (provided by an employer) tend to do their best in order to extend their coverage. As a result, their kids have insurance until they turn 26. However, if your family is paying your own health premium, it is recommended to choose a college health plan. The latter will turn out to be a more affordable option for your budget. Needless to say that due to the outbreaks, families have to be ready to pay for additional medical services.

Custom Writing Assistance

There is a well-known problem that literally every college and university student faces on a regular basis: procrastination. We all tend to procrastinate on college essays, lab reports, presentations, and other tasks that we don’t like or have low proficiency at. What is more, today’s virtual classes don’t make it easier when it comes to submitting academic papers on time. One day you just wake up and realize there is just one week left before the submission of the project that you haven’t even started yet. That’s when a custom research paper writing service comes to assist you. For a reasonable sum of money, you let someone competent and skillful enough to take upon some of your assignments while you’re focusing on more important issues.

Studying Abroad

According to a survey conducted by an Institute of International Education, over 79% of universities and colleges expect a considerable decrease in the number of students studying abroad in 2021. Taking into account the global health situation, studying abroad may not be an option for many undergrads. Depending on the country that you choose and your curriculum, your expenses may vary. However, many colleges and universities provide generous programs, which means you don’t have to pay more than when you stay in the country.

Eating out

Dining out is something that you can’t avoid more often than not. Eating out in restaurants with your friends may become another huge expense. However, due to remote learning that students had to switch to this year, their daily spending is not that big anymore. Online classes provide an opportunity to control their costs and avoid things like eating out, transportation, etc.


Although there are loads of student discounts provided by many retailers, you will have to pay more if you happen to move from a cooler to a warmer climate to study. Some college advisers say that many colleges and universities offer some special grants for emergency expenses for undergrads in need. Ensure to find out if the grant provided by your school covers the cost of purchasing a winter coat, for example.

Greek life

It’s no doubt that Greek life is one of the expenses that parents usually don’t even think about. Not all undergrads are involved in it. That is why the majority of moms and dads do not think about it. Despite the fact that the health situation has already affected Greek life all over the country, families should still be ready to pay for the student’s participation in Greek life on virtual platforms.


If you have to commute to a college campus, getting a car and then maintaining it is associated with extra costs. The latter include fuel, parking, maintenance, and insurance. Despite the fact that college undergrads can be provided with federal student loans that help them deal with transportation costs, these expenses are not known as qualified education costs that you can pay for with the help of money from 529 plans.

Graduate Exams

OK, this point may turn out to be pretty unexpected. For instance, you may be required to pay hundreds of dollars for registration. What is more, if you happen to be unsatisfied with your score on the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, or any other test, you will want to hire a trusted test prep company, whether you work with a tutor individually or choose group classes. It’s not a cheap option; however, the price is relatively small taking into account the leg up that high grades can give you.


While attending college or university, it is recommended to create a special savings account that will serve as your source of emergency costs. You never know what major changes you may encounter in life. So make sure to try to cut your expenses wherever possible and add some money to your emergency account.

Now that you have some information about the extra costs in addition to housing and tuition fees, it is important that you understand them to be able to fully finance your education.

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