What Happens if you Wear Magnetic Earrings?

These days, there is a trend of wearing magnetic earrings. These earrings are especially famous among people who do not want to get their ears pierced. In addition, these earrings are chosen for children who are too delicate or soft-hearted to be able to bear the pain and to go through the healing process.

The fact is that magnetic earrings are as beautiful and attractive as other types of earrings. Hundreds to thousands of people go to earrings stores online to buy nice pairs of earrings for themselves or for their kids.

Are magnetic earrings safe or dangerous?

A noticeable fact is that magnetic earrings are avoided by some people who think that these are dangerous to their health or the health of their children.

These can be bought from any jewelry store or online retail store; you can have them in any size, shape, design, and color. These types of earrings look attractive, but we should be aware of their consequences or effects too.

Bad for children

As we already said, stud gold earrings and magnetic earrings are mostly chosen for kids because their ears are quite sensitive. If they are pierced at an early stage, then the chance is that they will feel a lot of pain, and the healing may not be quick or fast.

Compared to this, piercing is a process in which the healing process is quick and we believe that it is a far better option than wearing magnetic earrings.

Children can swallow these earrings

Magnetic earrings look quite vibrant, and the chance is that little kids can swallow them. In such a situation, we have to admit that they are better to be avoided.

It is very rare since these earrings are locked or tied properly. Still, parents should keep them away from the reach of their children and should try finding other types of jewelry that cannot be swallowed by young or little children.

If these earrings get swallowed, then it may bring the risks of choking and may cause serious damages to internal parts of the body due to the rough material of the earrings and the magnet that is present in them.

Damage to your home appliances or electric devices

It is to be noticed that magnetic earrings are made up of magnets that are too sensitive and can cause serious damages to the office and home appliances. For example, these earrings can interfere with the normal function or working of pacemakers, refrigerators, or another home appliance. Other than this, they can interrupt the rhythm of the human heart, so you need to avoid them at any cost.

When you place these earrings close to things like hard disks or credit cards, your data may get destroyed. So, the best idea is to keep magnetic earrings away from such sensitive things since your data may never get recovered.

Should we wear magnetic earrings?

Last but not least, you should not choose magnetic earrings for your children. However, you can wear them only on special occasions. This means you should not wear them day and night or throughout the day. Instead, you should wear magnetic earrings only when there is a festival or an event. This will also ensure your safety, health, and protection and will keep your credit cards and appliances from being damaged.

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