What Professions Can You Enter With A Mass Communication Degree

If you’re thinking of getting a mass communication degree, then you should know what you can do with it after you graduate. Many students enroll in a course without even knowing what kind of job they can get after school. What you need to know about mass com is that it’s a very versatile degree. It’s a course that can open a lot of doors. Mass com graduates are able to cast a wider net so to speak. The kind of professions that you can get into with a mass com diploma is diverse but they are all still related in a way.

Below are just some of the professions you can enter with a mass communication degree.


When you take up mass com in college, you’ll be required to attend a number of journalism subjects. Writing is one of the skills you’ll learn when you take up mass com. A large percentage of mass com graduates actually become journalists. While others end up as a writer of some sort. Some become freelance writers, novelists, technical writers, grant writers, copywriters. screenplay writers, etc. So if it’s your dream to become a journalist or a writer then you should seriously consider taking up mass com. The course will teach you the basics of news writing and other skills you’ll need to pursue and write a story.

Career in advertising

If you want a career in the advertising industry then taking up mass com in college is a wise move. You can become an advertising director. A person in this position is responsible for putting together advertising campaigns with the goal of generating brand awareness. It is also meant, of course, to sell products and services. The role of an advertising director is important. Companies rely heavily on advertising to attract customers. A good advertising director is a good communicator. And the effective way to communicate to people is the main lesson you’ll learn with a mass com degree.

Career in film

A degree in mass communication can also get you into the film industry. So if you have an interest in the entertainment industry then taking up mass com is a good idea. After graduation, you can work as a screenplay writer, an audio-video expert, technician, or even as a film director. If you would rather be in front of the camera rather than behind it, a degree in mass com can help you as well. Being an actor requires the ability to communicate and relate to different audiences. You can learn that from a course in mass com.


To become a good lawyer you need to have excellent communication skills. You need to learn how to effectively communicate your arguments to the jury and judge. You need to have persuasive skills and the ability to gain the trust of people. In a mass com course, you’ll learn how to effectively speak in public and how to persuade people to your cause. This is why mass communication is a good pre-law course.

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