How Reliable is Yorkshire Gas & Power as an Energy Supplier?

YGP is a specialized commercial energy company headquartered in Yorkshire, the United Kingdom, as of the most recent update in September 2021. The establishment, founded in 2009, purports to deliver reasonably priced energy rates to SMEs throughout the United Kingdom by implementing a streamlined process and passing on the financial benefits to its patrons.

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As of the most recent report in September 2021, Yorkshire Gas & Power derived slightly less than the national average of renewable energy sources, accounting for just below 30% of their electricity production. This indicates that YGP has not yet surpassed the national average for renewable energy use, despite its attempts to include renewable energy in its energy mix. It is of utmost significance to bear in mind that adopting renewable energy constitutes a dynamic process, and enterprises within the energy sector are incessantly endeavouring to augment their dependence on these resources. To receive the most recent information about Yorkshire Gas & Power’s sourcing of renewable energy, We suggest consulting more recent sources or the company’s own website. They may have improved their use of renewable energy.

The proof is in the pudding:

Based on the customer reviews provided for Yorkshire Gas and Power, it seems that they have also received positive feedback for their customer experience.

The first review mentions an “excellent customer experience received,” indicating overall satisfaction with the service provided. The second review specifically highlights the exceptional service of a representative described as “light-hearted and friendly.” The reviewer appreciated their patience in clarifying confusion about renewal dates and calmly explaining the increased prices. However, the third review at Yorkshire Gas and Power concerns background noise during calls. The customer found the noise frantic and unsettling, affecting their ability to listen closely to the information provided.

As is customary in any corporate setting, customer feedback has the potential to furnish invaluable insights into the strengths and areas requiring improvement in the provision of services. Positive reviews, like the ones mentioned, highlight the company’s strengths in customer satisfaction and interaction with friendly representatives. On the other hand, feedback on the background noise issue indicates an opportunity for Yorkshire Gas and Power to enhance their communication processes to ensure a more comfortable and focused customer experience during phone calls. To form a comprehensive assessment, it’s important to consider a variety of reviews from different sources to understand the overall service delivery of Yorkshire Gas and Power. We suggest you find out which locations YGP services are at.

Always double check yourself:

A second review reads as follows: “Great service – credit to the staff. The staff have been so helpful today. Responded clearly and promptly to my enquiry and managed to expedite my query. They advised me they should be able to get back to me within two days but actually phoned me back with answers within 15 minutes! Great service and credit to YGP. Always had great service in general from YGP.”

In this updated version of the review, the term “staff member 1” has been replaced with “the staff” to refer to the collective team of representatives at Yorkshire Gas and Power. The review still praises the exceptional assistance provided by the staff, highlighting their clear and prompt responses to the customer’s inquiry and their proactive approach in expediting the query. The reviewer appreciates the staff’s efforts in providing answers within 15 minutes, exceeding the expected response time of 2 days.

The review continues to emphasize the consistency of great service from Yorkshire Gas and Power, reaffirming that the positive experience with the staff aligns with the company’s overall commitment to delivering excellent service.

Overall, the review maintains its positive reflection on Yorkshire Gas and Power’s customer service, with the staff earning credit for their helpful and efficient support. The company’s dedication to providing consistent and exceptional service is once again demonstrated through this customer’s positive experience.

In Conclusion

Yorkshire Gas & Power (YGP) is a commercial energy company in Yorkshire, UK. They aim to offer competitive rates to SMEs and are working to increase renewable energy usage. Customer reviews highlight positive experiences with helpful and prompt staff. While there are some concerns about background noise during calls, YGP’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. For up-to-date information, check their website. The most valuable thing you can do for the growth of your business is to conduct proper research and make your own conclusions.

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