How to Choose a Good Book

Many readers are always on the hunt for a great book that will pass the time and provide entertainment. It is not always easy to find a good book, but with these tips, readers can find some great reads that will be enjoyable. Whether you visit book stores or get used books from others, there are some great ways to find a novel that will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Even if you are choosing titles for college courses and write an essay, you can find something that will be entertaining.

Decide What Genre of Books You Like

The key to finding a great book is identifying your preferred genre. If you have read many types of books, you will have a better chance of getting your hands on a must-read title. However, if you are new to casual reading, you may need to take some time to discover what you like. There are many ways to do this. You can read summaries, reviews, or even rely on essay examples that discuss different genres. There are also online resources that can help narrow down selections. At, you can find lists of popular books, summaries of recent releases, and even feedback from other users. Choosing a genre is the key to reading something that will be enjoyable. With so many options, there is something for everyone.

Ask Others to Recommend Good Books

One way to get an idea of popular titles and what others enjoy is to ask for recommendations. As a student, you will be in classes with people that read many types of books. By discussing this and finding out what others enjoy, you can get more ideas and come up with a long list of suggestions. Chatting with those that read casually and not just for their education will prove to be a great resource when it comes time to choose a good book.

Read Book Reviews

Online book reviews are also a great way to get information on bestsellers, classics, and short stories. Websites that sell books and even university online forums will have book reviews that are available. These are not only a great way to select a title, but these reviews can be helpful if you are writing an essay on what has been read. They provide the opinion of others, which can be used as the basis of arguments in essays. Reviews are a good option as they provide various views on writing styles, topics, as well as entertainment factors.

Join a Book Club

If you are an avid reader and want to make sure you are enjoying the latest must-read, a book club can be very beneficial. There are many of these around. They can be in your local neighborhood, part of church groups, or even groups on campus. With these clubs, you will be able to discuss the topic, characters, meaning, and writing styles of authors. Most of these clubs will focus on top-selling titles, but there are also educational clubs that pay more attention to classic literature.

Go Random

If none of these suggestions are working and you still have trouble finding something that draws your attention and captivates you, go random. Just visit your local store and choose a title that immediately attracts you. This can be based on cover art or even quotes from literary reviewers printed on the cover. Some stores will hold events when authors release new novels and may provide quick talks on the topic and writing style. This can be an easy way to learn about some popular options so you can select novels at random. Choosing random titles is one way to discover new authors as well. If you find writers you like, chances are you will want to read more from that particular author and will have many options when choosing your next good book!


Whether you are a seasoned reader, student, or someone that is taking up reading as a hobby, there are thousands of options out there. You can find physical books at stores, libraries, yard sales, or from friends. There are also online books to read if you prefer to use a Kindle or other device. Once a genre has been selected, it becomes even easier to find great titles. Take time to talk with others about what they have read or visit online resources to see what students are talking about. These are both great ways to uncover a must-read.

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