How to Get a Scholarship as an Undergraduate

One thing that worries many parent and kids alike is graduating with huge crippling debts. A mom of three in Michigan, however, developed a strategy for her kids to win so many scholarships that her eldest graduated debt-free. Whether you are looking to win scholarships because you can’t afford college, to lessen your tuition fee, or to graduate without student’s debt, these tips will give you the head start you need.

Start with a local search

Local scholarships are not as competitive, which means you stand a chance to win if you apply. Don’t wait until your senior year to start searching. Experts say that some scholarships allow you to begin your search as early as freshman year. You will need to complete a student’s profile and update it each year with new information.

This does not mean you ignore the national database. Apply to those as well. Although they are competitive, you still stand a chance. Be ready to get tons of emails from scholarship sites. If you find them annoying, set up a scholarship email to handle the load.

Look at your hobbies and interests in a new light

Hobbies and interests usually don’t seem they play a role in winning a scholarship, but they do. Undergraduate scholarships are available for all sorts of hobbies, including crafts, gamers, vegans, and even green thumbs. Although it helps, scholarships are not limited to straight A-students. If you have a hobby or interest, perfect it and be on the lookout for scholarships that target people with your skill.

Do some research

Last-minute applications are usually not the best. They tend to have more mistakes and are highly likely to be rejected. To avoid putting yourself under unnecessary pressure, do your research early. This gives you time to ask for more information, application forms, and to complete your application on time. Some scholarships close before your academic year starts, so keep an eye on the closing date.

Organization is key

Have you ever forgotten when you kept something important the exact same time you need to use it? It happens all the time, but that’s not a risk you want to take with your scholarship application. Buy a folder dedicated to scholarships and keep the most updated information and forms. It might help to have a designated spot for your folder, so you know exactly where to get it when you need it. Organization will help you keep track of different deadlines and specific information you are required to submit.

Be presentable on paper

A scholarship application is more like a job interview. Give a good impression by making sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable. If you are supposed to fill in the form in a particular way, follow instructions, and ask someone to take a look before you submit.

As you can see, there is more to winning a scholarship than sending the application. Impress the judges by following the instruction, being organized, and submitting your form on time.

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